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Wooden Bowl - Enormous - Orange with pink inner

$99.00 $120.00

The "enormous" wooden bowl shapes range from lower platter style to higher sided bowl style.  They are all approximately 51-56cm in diameter.  The enormous bowl weighs almost 5kg and is a real statement piece.

Email us before hand to specify what sort of shape you would like and we will send a video clip selection for you. shirli@summerhousenz.co.nzThis range of hard wood bowls, trays and candlestick holders were hand-carved by artisans in Rajasthan over 60 years ago. They have recently been spruced up with non toxic water based paints and waxes. Each one is unique in shape and finish. Ranging in size from - enormous - can't get your arms around to hug size to about a large dinner plate sized - there are colours and sizes to suit you. They look even better combined together.

Use them as display bowls or fruit bowls. Clean with a damp cloth then dry, wax occasionally. These bowls are truly in keeping with our motto of special things for happy people and places.

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