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Silk Scarf - "Fanta" grape and Burgundy 1B

$28.00 $48.00

What neck would not want to be draped in pure, vibrant, hand stitched silk?!  Yours will thank you for making it feel special wrapped in its own lustrous rainbow.

Reversible, bright, richly coloured and unique - there is no danger of bumping into the same scarf anywhere else!  You can wear black and grey all winter long if you like, just as long as you have one of these fabulous little beauties on your shoulders.

But that's not all - if you are struggling to find a gift for anyone - one of these is sure to score you big points and on the off chance that its not a big hit we have a friendly 100% returns policy.

It can take up to 30 days to make one scarf - these are not made in a factory environment but are part of a "piece-work" home manufacture project in which mothers stitch these lovely scarves in their spare time at home and are paid on a per item basis - this cuts out any exploitation and ensures that Mothers are at home with their families. 
We understand that it an be difficult to shop online because you can't have a touchy-feely experience,  but we are so confident that you will love your silk scarf that we offer a 100% refund or exchange returns policy.  Check out our friendly returns policy for more info.