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Silk Beads - single strand - Violet


We are very proud to stock a collection of Silk Sari beads from House of Wandering Silk,  they are made from sheesham wood prayer beads covered with richly coloured re-cycled sari silk.  The process involved in making these necklaces is intricate and lengthy,  making them truly unique and handcrafted artisan pieces.

THE SINGLE STRAND - is very long!  2.3m long to be exact - worn as a single strand will reach your knees if you are average height.  It comfortably wraps 3 times around your neck as per the photos.  It can also be wrapped around your wrist as an effective statement bracelet.

Click here for the story of the up-cycled silk sari necklaces along with some video clips of how they are made.  It's a great link - you won't regret it!

The House of Wandering Silk - is a beautiful story about stories,  and textiles and cultures of artisanal communities across Asia.  Offering livelihood opportunities to women.  Read more about The House of Wandering Silk here.

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