Eat Art - SALT OF THE EARTH – Summer House NZ



This Salt of the Earth gift box contains a collection of salts from around the World and is breathtakingly beautifully presented (it looks like a coffee table book!).

With a ribbon-pull sliding insert it contains 10 tubes of different spices with names like  Dead Sea, Atlantic Smoked, Cypriot Flake, Kalahari Desert, South African Caviar, Persian Blue, Indian Kala Namak, Murray River Flake, Himalayan Pink, Rocky Mountain Salt - you will want to keep this for yourself and head directly to the kitchen!  There are stories about and cooking suggestions for each salt on the back of the box.

This would make an impressive gift for literally anyone - man or woman, wise or youthful!

Be the best friend and give one of these gifts - you can't go wrong.

 the boxes are 23cm long x 17,5cm tall

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