Kantha Quilt - VINTAGE COTTON - "LITTLE BOY BLUE" – Summer House NZ



We handpick these masterpieces for you which are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Jaipur from reclaimed vintage Indian saris- each one unique and interesting.  The front and reverse differ. Every quilt takes approximately 2 days to stitch.  Some are patchwork and some are solid pattern.  Each quilt carries its own history and many stories from each piece of recycled Sari.  Who knows where they have been and what they have seen!

This quilt is called Little Boy Blue -  This quilt is similar on both sides with a blue on aqua large floral mized with an large olive green floral motif panel, This quilt will cover a single bed or would work well draped at the bottom of a double or a couch.   The vintage cotton quilts are heavy enough to keep you warm in winter and are excellent as picnic blankets.

Quilts differ mimimally in size but this one is approximately:-

Single - 152cm x 224cm 

We want you to enjoy your Kantha with a clear conscience and have visited the manufacturers directly to ensure that they are made in a friendly, comfortable and fair environment.  We have spent time with the very talented ladies who make these quilts - for more info have a look at our blog on Kantha's on this website.

PLEASE NOTE - These unique and beautiful works of art are made by hand from vintage fabrics so please expect that they may have several inconsistencies, marks, threads, patches and snips - these all add to the charm and individuality of each piece.

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