Indian Kantha Quilt November 25, 2015 14:42

We were on a mission to source goods and top of the list was the increasingly popular Kantha Quilts,

So what exactly is a Kantha Quilt? Traditionally the term Kantha refers to the embroidered running stich that joined 2-6 layers of vintage (read “pre-loved”) sari’s together to form a quilt.   Sometimes soft cotton, sometimes rich silks.

Each item is obviously unique and handcrafted in a process which usually takes a skilled Rajathan artisan up to 2 days per piece.

Now believe me its easy to source goods in India, but we were after product that incorporated our Fair trade mission along with assurance that the working conditions of these incredibly nimble fingered ladies who spent all day creating these one of a kind masterpieces.

Our quest took us to the pink city of Jaipur where we met some of the friendliest people in the world – we wanted a manufacturer whom we could form a relationship with who would welcome us into their environment and process and we found just the people.   This is a picture of Adi and I meeting the ladies who make these gems – they are warm and friendly and even though none of us shared the same language we shared a few laughs and they showed us how they craft these beautiful quilts.

Kantha emroidery artisans in Jaipur


Out of choice the ladies prefer to sit on the floor – on top of the very quilts the make! Not just any floor however – Jaipur is the are in which the white marble of the Taj Mahal was mined and the floors of the factory are nothing less than white marble, a multitude of ceiling fans hum in a very comfortable environment with music playing on the radio – we spent several hours there and left very comfortable that the artisans were very happy with their working conditions!

Why do we love Kanthas? –

  • because they are bright and colouful and individual,
  • they are from our favourite exotic India.
  • The wildly intricate stitching enhances the handcrafted specialness of each masterpiece
  • Each piece of fabric has had many lives before it became your quilt that you can only begin to imagine. They are historic!

Why should you love Kanthas?

  • add instant individuality, personality, interest and bohemian flavor
  • Kanthas are great in the bedroom as light quilts
  • Kanthas are great in the lounge and drape perfectly over a sofa
  • Kanthas are light enough to make a festive tablecloth
  • Kanthas are perfect for a picnic


cotton kantha